Grand Theft Auto launch follow-up

I know, its been over a week now and I still haven’t posted the pictures on the web from the launch event. My bad!

The event was very well attended, unlike some previous attempts. MooDy and the team at ZAPS with the help I believe from Megarom had done an awesome job in setting up some consoles outside the store for people to play GTA IV. I heard something about some guys having played almost the whole day – talk about liking the game. I don’t think I could play for a full day standing in front of one of the kiosks machines, its just too uncomfortable.

Just after midnight the queue was out the door and around the corner already. People really seemed to want to get hold of their copies of GTA IV.

Well here are a few choice picks:

 The AnimeWorX guys getting into the swing. Proud new GTA IV owner. He hobbled in for a copy.

You can find the rest of them over here.

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