Grand Theft Auto IV launch events

Grand Theft Auto IV For those in and around Johannesburg there are going to be some launch parties happening for one of the most anticipated sequels in the gaming industry. Yes I can only be talking about Grand Theft Auto IV. According to my sources the local distributor, Megarom, will be teaming up with local game store ZAPS at The Brightwater Commons. All are welcome to attend the launch event and I understand that Xbox 360 owners are invited to bring their consoles for some LAN action hosted by The Xbox Lounge.

From what I’ve read the event will be running from 18h00 until just after midnight when the game officially launches to the public. So don’t miss out, get your butt down to ZAPS and pick up your copy while you are at it for just R640 (Xbox 360) or R677 (PS3).

I first tried out Grand Theft Auto on the original Xbox console and I must say I wasn’t too excited about the genre in general. But I believe GTA IV is a break from the old formula with online multiplayer and some cool new concepts.

Grand Theft Auto fans can now get another glimpse of “Grand Theft Auto IV” before it hits shelves on April 29. The fourth official trailer, titled “Good Lord, What are You Doing?” AKA “Everyone’s a Rat,” is now available on

Developed by Rockstar Games, “Grand Theft Auto IV” is a powerful crime epic set in modern-day Liberty City, a world with an unparalleled combination of scale, depth and detail.

For the first time ever, “Grand Theft Auto IV” will also include online multiplayer, enabling gamers to play with their friends.  Plus, only Xbox 360 players will have access to exclusive “Grand Theft Auto IV” content coming this fall.

I believe both AnimeWorX and  BT Games will also be hosting a midnight launch for gamers to be able to fetch their pre-orders at midnight.

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