Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive transfer attempt

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  1. Hey,
    Im from Massachusetts with an American console and I just moved to Denmark about 3 months ago. With the upcoming update I really want to install a lot of games to my hard drive. So I bought a 120gb hard drive here and I have the same issue as you. Can you tell me how this turned out for you? Did you ever get the software? and how did it get to you? by mail? over live? redeemable code? thank you I would greatly appreciate it. Happy gaming….Ben

  2. Hi,

    same problem here, i have a NTSC 360 and a PAL kit cd. If anyone want to trade for a ntsc!!!

    I still can’t believe the region locked that thing !

  3. This happened to me yesterday. I’m from Southeast Asia and have an Asian unit. I had someone buy me a 120gb drive from the US and bring it home. Got it yesterday. When I tried to transfer data, the region-lock thing stopped me dead.

    How did this turn out for you guys?

  4. Same thing US 360, UK 120GB upgrade.

    Anyone want to trade US for PAL upgrade kit, let me know.

    Microsoft, I hate you.

  5. Hi, i bought a US 120G drive and i have a PAL unit – can’t transfer the data.

    All we need to do is swap the discs!

  6. I have the NTSC transfer disc.

  7. i have the ntsc disc but i have the pal console!!!everyone change the imagine of disc with me???send me via email the imagin of the xbox transfer kit disc and i send you the ntsc version!!!!!

  8. contact me for change the imagine of the disc with a ntsc ( i want the pal version pls)


  9. @paradix86: I don’t believe that you can use a copied image as the disc needs to be an Xbox 360 original disc.

  10. I have a similar situation to Adel. I live in Asia and had someone send me the kit. I need a PAL version if someone wants to swap!!!! 🙂

  11. if you make an exact copy is 1:1, first create the image with Xbox Backuop Creator and then burn with Imgburn, is the same method you use to copy games xbox 360

  12. I called the microsoft asking if it was possible to download the CD somewhere or send me via mail, I replied that can not, and I recall the whole kit with yet another cable because they can not just send the CD, and also send me a wireless headset black …. because in the package of my elite was broken and I have sent the headset green (that of halo 3) and the cd broke NTSC transfer kit! the only thing positive is that they are not stingy with the accessories … in fact …

  13. I have the japan kit but have a us xbox anyone want to trade

  14. What about PAL .iso of HDD transfer disk? Can you upload image (if you have it)? I’m very sad ((

  15. Unfortunately ripping an ISO image doesn’t seem to work. 🙁

  16. Hectic stuff, im looking at getting a 120gb. im not worried about transfering the data, but would like to know if the hdd work on a pal console even if it is from the us. thx

  17. I can confirm, the region code doesn’t affect the hard drive itself, only the software media used to do the transfer.

  18. I have the PAL transfer disc.
    I’d like to trade for an NTSC version.

  19. Hey. I have similar problem. I have an Asian xbox, but am trying to transfer from a UK (PAL) hard-drive using the UK cd. Anyone want to swap?

  20. Hello I search Pal disc. Only find NTSC version. CD oder
    DVD ist normal Format oder Special Xbox 360 Format??? THANK

  21. Does anyone have the CD image of the NTSC version for the
    data migration kit? I have the cable but not the CD. Many thanks,

  22. Anybody with a PAL Disc, i have a link to a downloadable
    NTSC-U disc as an .iso file. So all you have to do is put it onto a
    disc and put it in. I am unsure if it will work correctly, because
    i HAVE NOT tried it as i have a PAL console. Also, send me an
    e-mail because i’d love to get one of these PAL discs.;sa=view;down=926
    Hope it helped. Peace out.

  23. Riding drag on this but I’m in the same boat. I bought back
    an NTSC from the CONUS and am in Singapore and stuck with an Asian
    [NTSC J] disc…swap anyone? I need the NTSC version…

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