Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel to be released in June

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  1. @Justin Essentially this is the local official product, not the imported US product.

  2. Hi Craig. I have found that the Racing wheel is retailing @ about R1800 at most outlets, i.e. Musica, Look & Listen, and Incredible Connection. In this case it would likely save you a few bucks if you can manage to import it at $99 + import fees. That simply doesn’t make sense. It is otherwise unavailable online at Take 2,, The Prophecy Shop, or BT Games. I have found it at and for about R1500. To be fair that is only a little more than RRP, but still quite costly considering the original RRP is still quite a mark up on the $99 our frineds in America and UK are paying. Furthermore, if you look at this page:

    One user mentions that he/she bought at BT Games for around R1100 a few months ago.

    So why the sudden shortage in stocks, and why the retarded mark-ups? Was MiDigital trying to ease cash flow problems, as one user speculates on that page? This seems more like a self destructive way of doing things, and not at all in the interests of the consumer.

  3. Take a look at the forum post again. What people forget is that importing from the US is expensive when it comes to shipping. So that $99 item with shipping would attract something in the region of $140 worth of shipping. Then add 14% VAT onto that total, yes SARS charges VAT on the total inclusive of shipping, and we get to a figure closer to the South African retail price.

  4. Okay, thanks for the reply. I placed an order with Zaps and they are unfortunately out of stock as well. Hopefully with the new stock, and new distributors, they price might at least resemble the Recommended Retail Price.

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