I just got word about a new site,, which seems to be the first site to focus solely on co-operative gaming on consoles and PCs alike. The official press release follows:

Easton, PA – January 28, 2008 – Nicholas Puleo, current Editor-in-Chief of, has announced a new resource for Cooperative gaming aficionados, is your prime source in the co-op gaming world.  Co-op gaming allows 2 or more players to team up against the computer to achieve a goal.  There was almost 100 games released in 2007 with a co-op mode as well as a growing trend continuing into 2008 of developers putting cooperative modes into their games.  In fact, games like Electronic Arts’ Army of Two and Valve’s Left for Dead are being designed from the ground up as a co-op experience.  This has created a need for gamers to find out exactly what games have the co-op features they want, and gamers want to know how those games will play.

With virtually no other websites dedicated to co-op games, gamers are having a hard time finding the information they need for their co-op experience. fills this void by providing an extensive database of games that feature a co-op mode across nine platforms including the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.  The site also features user reviews, ratings, and matchmaking as well as discussion forums to help find a buddy for all your co-op needs.

“Since Doom popularized cooperative play on the PC more almost 15 years ago, it’s been the absolute best way to enjoy a gaming experience,” says Puleo.  “Until now it was difficult to find information on cooperative games for any system, solves that problem.”
To celebrate the launch of the site is giving away codes and discs for many popular Co-Op titles, including the recently released Burnout Paradise from Electronic Arts and Omega 5 for Xbox Live Arcade.

About was founded by Nick Puleo, Editor-in-Chief of Evil  He’s been in that role for four years and has covered the games industry for six.  Puleo also manages, a website dedicated to video game, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, and movie release dates. 

In theory it is very similar to our very our local site The Xbox Lounge. I encourage you all to go over and take a peek.

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