Rock Band and Drumshhh

Rock BandOne game that I’m eagerly awaiting to hit the South African local retail shelves is Rock BandTM. The game allows you to form your own virtual band with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and of course vocals. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever considered buying a drum set for home. One thing stopping me buying the real deal is because I have neighbours that wouldn’t take too kindly to me making a racket.

Now the Rock Band drum set isn’t quiet either, but at least you can control the volume of your TV or home theatre or simply play with headphones on if you are worried about the noise. The special edition kit comes with all of the instruments pictured below.

Rock Band instruments

And to make you drum set even quieter, a fellow Xbox MVP has developed a novel concept – self-adhesive felt pads called DrumshhhTM which reduce the volume of the drum set by about 50%.


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