Glow in the Dark?

What is the deal with the South African government? Am I becoming an alarmist by writing this post and expressing my opinion? I honestly don’t know but I just feel the need to write my thoughts down.

Last week the country, who had power, watched Derek Watts and the Carte Blanche team try to get to the bottom of the electricity supply issues currently being experienced by ESKOM. The viewers were polled asking whether they had confidence in ESKOM being able to sort out the problems; the answer was a 99% vote against them. That was over 100,000 people that each incurred a R1.50 charge to tell Carte Blanche how upset they are – I wonder how many people didn’t bother to vote or didn’t have power to watch the show?

So now I’m reading my feeds today and I notice the latest – radioactive vegetables have been discovered. Yes we’re taking about a report on vegetables being 150 times more radioactive than permissible levels. Oh great! What next? Am I eating radioactive fresh produce now? Maybe that Big Mac and Cheese should be my staple diet for the next few weeks until this crap gets sorted out.

Oh and then there is more to put the cherry on the top. Apparently 43% of dams in the country are in dire straits and are needing repairs to the tune of 180 billion Rand. Wow, how did that one slip by? Were the government officials so busy doing something else other than running the bloody country?!

Maybe there is at least a solution to the ESKOM issues – we’re all likely to be glowing in the dark in the near future.

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