Xbox 360 Elite price drop in South Africa

3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Elite price drop in South Africa”

  1. That’s great and all, but when the hell are Microsoft going to come through of their promise of almost 2 and a half years ago and provide South Africa with a working XBOX LIVE service. Why should we have to bend over backwards to try and get DLC that is blocked here, but our ratings board would approve anyway. We want the full XBOX LIVE and we want it now!

  2. Alec, as an ex-pat now living in the UK, probably the best selling point of the Xbox 360 is their online play. So it is a bit of a travesty, that South Africa are yet to experience this. However I do believe there is an online petition. Back to the article, and the Elite price-drop seems to be a global strategy, not just specific to SA. In the UK there are now Cheap Xbox 360 Premium Consoles too, but I think the case in SA might be to build up the potential for Xbox Live users by supplying the console at a continual lower price.

  3. I live in Zambia and wanted to order the 360 Online. Which
    site can I go to and whats the range for the bundle

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