South African iPhone 3GS pricing

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  1. Nice one! Trying to get any info out of Vodacom is nearly impossible.

    My contract has just come up for renewal, so am waiting to be 1st in line when they finally launch the 3GS. Nicey nice!

  2. Brilliant!!

    Any ideas on when it’ll be released officially since pricing guide was leaked?

    I’ve read somewhere else that it’s now already on the stores’ stock ordering lists (since 21 July 2009). So we might see it in next week or two.

  3. Damn … I was really hoping to get another black iPhone!

    I don’t know WHY Apple would send only white ones to SA, instead of a mixed shipment!

    Come on VODACOM, update your website details!!!

  4. Thanks for this Craig. Still a heck of a lot of money. $299 with a contract in the US does not quite translate to the R4000+ for the 32GB in SA. I also highly doubt that only white ones will come here – rather black in my opinion. Apple sells a lot more black ones, and I am to understand that there is always a lack of white ones.

    Will talk to Vodashop again today, but I think I will once again be stared at like I am mad.

  5. Been waiting for it to be released… so glad i did, my talk 500 is going to cost me a bit more now, but i am sure it will be worth it.

    thanks for the article and news on the pricing.

  6. Spoke to people at Cellucity yesterday, and they said that these prices cannot be true. Seeing as it is leaked I guess they cannot confirm it.

    But seeing as it as SA service provider, I might be more inclined to believe a South African blogger.

    Vodacom’s silence on this issue is inexcusable.

  7. Hi Craig

    Thanks for the info! The guys at Cellucity have sent me the official deals received from Vodacom and they match 100% what you have posted.

  8. So lame, why would you want to pay R4000 ontop of a contract for a phone? it’s just retarded.

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