South African Halo 3 launch party rocks hard

Halo 3 launch partyOn Thursday night we were invited to attend the South African Halo 3 launch party which was a combined event featuring the release of the new album A world next to yours by The Parlotones. The event was well attended and there were plenty of Xbox 360 consoles running Halo 3 in co-op single player as well as multi-player modes.

One thing I found rather interesting at the launch was how popular Halo 3 was with the general public. For once it wasn’t the excited Xbox 360 community members or gaming press hogging the consoles while The Parlotones debuted their rocking new album. Unfortunately I didn’t spend too much time on the packed dance floor but I heard that even Master Chief got in on the action and was on stage with the band exciting the crowd.

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