Local retailers screw Halo 3 release up

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  1. I know a couple pick and pay hypermarkets have put the game out for sale

  2. I saw copies of Halo 3 being sold at the Pick and Pay in Norwood on Saturday the 22nd.

    I was more than a little irritated.
    Why the hell did I pre-order it, if it’s going to be available in retail before release?

    The local retailers really dropped the ball here, and I think it’s going to be to the detriment of south-African gaming enthusiasts.

  3. Well, you want a list of retailers?
    Here you go: CNA, Incredible Connection and Toys ‘R Us are the ones I am aware of.

    But to comment on your post – I do think that for retailers to slip up like this is a little defeatist to the point…and no, after this marketing push, Halo 3 is no longer the biggest game of the year, it’s the biggest game in gaming history. So yes, I feel like a nitwit for pre-ordering when atleast 10 people on my friend’s list are already playing the game, but at this point, why moan over spilt milk?

    Lastly, if indeed your supposition that we will no longer get games on release date as a “punishment” from Microsoft to retailers – and inadvertently us, the comsumer – a lot of serious gamers won’t really care, sadly. With the Bioshock slip-up, we all ran to Tronix, and as long as their are region free games, we will repeatedly run to Tronix and I ask the question, Craig and Microsoft, what good will it do if your “repremanding” actions lead to an outflow of income for the local gaming industry?

    Difficult situation, we know, but think carefully before doing anything rash.

  4. Congratulations to you Craig for taking a stand. It all boils down to ethics in the end. Well done to the guys who were tempted to buy and didn’t. What has happened to our ethics in South Africa?

  5. Who gives a toss.So what if I got my copy already.No wonder u guys are geeks and cry about shit like this.Just buy the game already and enjoy it.BTW btgames sucks ass.

  6. Craig, I agree 100%. I however am patiently waiting for my Legendary Edition. *Childish rant on/ Lamepost YOU suck ass./ rant off*

  7. How old are you, Lame? “No wonder we are geeks and cry about shit like this?” Seriously, I really hope you aren’t an adult…

    Nobody’s crying. We are just pointing out that this is supposed to be a global event and if we cannot be a part of global events, then we have no right to cry when we are excluded outright.

  8. Damn is that the best u can do dude.
    So in other words u would rather wait till who knows when, and then pic up ur copy.While rather u can play it now.So what if BT is having a launch.Are u exited to go and play with your other geek friends.People we are living in a third world country, nobody cares about us.Get used to it idiots.

  9. Have microsoft discussed this with the local retailers? Did they have them sign an agreement for the release date? I find it hard to believe that they were unaware of the official release date!

    I bought a copy when i saw it and i immediately phoned my friend and told him about it. Needless to say that i was overjoyed to obtain a copy.

    I would not like to see us getting punished for our retailers uncompliance with requested shelf put out date. I also asked them if they were aware of the official launch date and it seemed to me that they were unaware of it at the time, only with myself and other xboxers informing them of the date did they take action to remove it from the shelves.

    Hell if they don’t know then why did they release it so early……..Let me tell you…….making sales and getting a head start on other retailers that’s why.

    I don’t feel one bit of guilt for buying the game before the official release date and felt that i should share my luck with the community which sparked a whirlwind of posts which eventually led to sour grapes.

    I know why they wanted a international release date and why they wanted us to have it all at the same time which does make sense in a way but don’t let it put a damper on the offical date of release festivities it will still be a major event im sure.

  10. WTF Gavin.Are u trying to save the day.It’s Master Chief who should finish the fight, not you asshole.

  11. Lame Post you ignorant swine. Taking an apathetic attitude like that is EXACTLY the thing we’re trying to get rid off. Stop playing the victim as an excuse to justify your views.

    The launch date was set for a reason. Think about the loss that the other stores have to deal with ito preorders because of a few bad apples.

  12. I do agree…but as anybody who has worked in distribution knows that retail stores are a law unto themselves…how are you going to fine retail stores?

  13. Lame, you are clearly the geek here when you have to come and pick a fight on a blog!!!

    It is people like you that spoil it for the rest of the the country who want to go to the launch and get the game on world release!!!

    Whne South Africa stops receiving games on release date and people are forced to import games if they want the game at release everybody will be complaining but now coz they getting someting before everybody else, they’re all smiling!!

    Craig great blog, agree totally 😉

  14. Killer its not so much sore grapes its more of disbelife that our local retailers would sell Halo 3 so far ahead of its release date that is all.

    Yeah im shocked, but it happens all over the world UK and USA so I doubt it will effect SA in any way, im afraid it seems the norm now for someone somewhere in the world to break release date on every big title.

    Sad but true.

  15. Yeah…I pre-ordered months in advance and then I walk into Musica on saturday and theres the collectors edition…annoying.

  16. What I found funny though was CNA Lakeside has massive posters up all over the place saying BELIEVE: 26-09-2007 yet there were selling them.

    Yes I bought it.
    No I hadn’t pre-ordered so no cancellations from my side.

    As a promise to a friend, CraigN, and to Microsoft, I said that I wouldn’t log into live until release date on Wednesday morning to prevent giving away any achievements etc etc etc, and I will hold to that promise.

    I can understand why MS wanted to stock in store early but should’ve explained properly that under NO circumstances should ANY copies be sold.

    GO CRAIG! Please let us know what happens to these retailers!

    Steve AKA “TrivZA”

  17. Cmon Craig, why do u delete my posts.I have a right to say what I want.

  18. Umm Lame Post, where have I deleted your comments? All comments are moderated and I have not held back any of your comments.

  19. I preordered mine from BTgames online and it was delivered this morning (25th).
    The Waybill does state it should only be delivered on the 26th. Guess the courier messed up.

  20. Go Go SA… Dunno I’d still wait and support the store I pre-ordered from. Have to stand for something and the retailers that are on that list are not people I’d support anyways 🙂

  21. I don’t see how this is in any way a negative impact toward consumers or the companies who profit from this release.

    Only people who can feel angered about this are the few stores loosing money from pre-orders and such that bowed down themselves and released it as scheduled.

    If Microsoft and/or the distributors had contractual agreements set with the retailers that they supply, this would not have happened. I’m sure if they in fact have these regulations set in place, the big bosses at these respective retailers would’ve stepped in and warned their regional managers not to sell prior to release, in fear of potential lawsuits/penalties or whatever.

    So what I’m asking from you is for who are retailers screwing up the release, because certainly the gamers who enjoy from this premature release from these stores are very happy indeed – the exact opposite of feeling screwed… those who do not, it doesn’t make a difference for them.

    I don’t know, it could be that YOU feel left out because you had the opportunity to pre-play the game before release at Microsoft’s offices, and now fans who are less eagerly anticipating this title are playing the game already…(Truth be told, I would’ve felt the same way if it was GTA IV)

  22. I can’t help but feel like certain members of the community are judging those of us that bought it early.

    You know that last night, there were over 6000 people playing Halo 3? On Friday night, over 1000 people playing? And you believe that because 50 South African’s (if that) bought Halo 3 early we’ll now be punished or blackballed? Really, get a grip.
    I was playing Halo 3 last night and there was 1 tiny, tiny dot on the map where SA is. There were thousands of dots in the Americas (north and south) and europe.
    That’s THOUSANDS of slipped copies.
    Why do you think we don’t have Live? Cos we are a tiny market. They don’t give a shit about us.

    Yet somehow, because we have to kiss Microsoft’s ass to launch Live (which we will have to PAY for, they’re not doing us a favour), we somehow must resist the urge to buy a game we’re excited for, to save Microsoft’s face? Or we must switch our status to offline so that we won’t get judged?

    I bought Halo 3 early cos I was excited to play it. I sped off to the shops when I heard the release date had slipped. But, I paid for it, I didn’t steal it, nor did I pirate it, so I have NOTHING to feel guilty for. Microsoft made money from my purchase.

    So can everyone please put away the pitchforks.

    Regarding the retailers, this is a third world country, where the majority of the people working in the stores that slipped it early, don’t even have a high school education.
    Put it down to bad management or communication from the head offices.
    But in all honesty, I really doubt we’ll get punished cos a few games broke the street date.

  23. Well, i just wanna know.
    A friend of mine came to my house and played some GOW.
    The guy was dumbstruck @ how much fun it was.
    Being the well off young lad that he is, he went to a “RETAILER”(for safety sake) in pta and picked up a box with halo 3 + gears.
    He does not have the foggiest as to what goes on out there…
    So my question being.
    I scored(and compensated) the halo 3 as he isnt intersted in halo, he just wants to start it off on GOW and then slowly work through games, as he is new to the whole gaming scene.

    I have refrained from playing the game, because of the quabbles I have witnessed…
    How much of a traitor can I be, I just got UBER lucky???
    Right??? or Not???

  24. Aw man I forgot to come back and check, now I see Lame Post is still coming back and whining like a little girl… Some people do the strangest things to amuse themselves 😉

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