Nintendo Wii pricing for South Africa

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii pricing for South Africa”

  1. I’m quite disappointed to see the prices are so high. I thought it would be a cheap console. Have you seen the prices for the games?! R600 for crappy graphics and gimmicky motion sensoring, I don’t think so!

  2. Personally, I’m disappointed in the games! R650 for Legend of Zelda and Mario hasn’t even been scheduled yet for South Africa. When it comes to pricing and consoles, I believe it’s the price of the games that’s the determining factor. I’m only ever going to buy the console once but I’ll be buying games for it on a monthly basis.

    What is the price comparision for games like?

  3. Oh Please! R2900 is very reasonable for a Wii console. The trick is not to give it the same comparison as the XBox, because let’s face it, the gaming experience and the type of audience Wii is aimed at are somewhat different. Wii is still very new, it will be a while before it will get up to speed with the same interaction and playerblity one would enjoy with other consoles.

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