Wanna learn to speak Zulu?

Motherland Language Project I recently got invited to the Motherland Language Project group on Facebook and after much procrastination decided to take a look see what its all about. Turns out its a bunch of South Africans that are trying to teach a million South Africans to speak Zulu in 8 weeks through twice weekly videos released on the Internet. Motherland Isiko TV (MiTV) is running the project and it looks like a very cool idea.

Growing up in KwaZulu-Natal I was fortunate to learn to speak Zulu in school, but unfortunately it wasn’t a subject choice for me. I wish I had taken more time to get to know the language better, maybe one day I could be as fluent in Zulu as I am in C# and Delphi.

So go sign-up, tell your friends about it and become one of the million true South Africans that learns to communicate in a at least one African language.

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