New Xbox 360 hardware announced

Kinect controllerFirstly the much anticipated new motion controller previously known as Project Natal has been given the name Kinect. Its going to be available in North America in November 2010 and I’m expecting it will be available locally soon after – stock dependent. Oh and before you get all worried about upgrades, etc., it will work on your existing console. Yes, how is that for good planning and design.

The controller totally revolutionizes the way games are played and opens up complete new game genres at the same time. I can somehow see myself doing yoga in front of my TV and getting achievements for doing so. There goes that image of the fat kid on the couch.

New Xbox 360 SKUNext off we have a new console SKU announced available immediately in North America. Its basically a slimmer, sleeker and might I say sexy new Xbox 360 console featuring a 250GB hard drive, 802.11n WiFi built-in and its whisper quiet. And no, no Blu-Ray player from what we’ve been told yet.

Good news is the pricing is supposed to be the same in the US, no idea when it will be available in South Africa but I’ll keep you posted.

From the game demos during the live E3 coverage, Kinect is going to ship with 15 titles from day one built specifically for the new Kinect controller – I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Its game changing… excuse the pun.

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