Guitar Hero & Rock Band 2 – I’m addicted

Guitar Hero : World Tour Super Bundle (Xbox 360)When I bought Guitar Hero 2 a few years back I must say the game didn’t get much play time in my Xbox 360 console, I just figured that I was clueless and lacked the required coordination to succeed at playing a plastic guitar.

Then last year after seeing what Rock Band was like at the 2008 MVP Global Summit party, I decided to order Guitar Hero World Tour, the complete band pack. Why? I figured the drums would do it for me. As a result I found myself playing a whole lot more Guitar Hero. I put it down to the songs not the drum kit as now I’m playing guitar more often than drums.

What really makes Guitar Hero World Tour so great though is that more than two people can play at the same time which is really awesome as it brings in people that would typically not be interested in gaming. Yes its a social experience and it rocks!

Rock Band 2 (Xbox360)Rock Band Song Pack 2 (Xbox360)In March I visited Seattle again for the 2009 MVP Global Summit and once again got to see and this time even played some Rock Band 2. Unfortunately its not officially available in South Africa yet and there is no news from Electronic Arts when it will be. However our good friends at Evolution Games have been importing PAL copies in for the local gamers. The awesome thing is that all of the Guitar Hero controllers work with Rock Band 2. Stock is very limited right now so get your orders in quickly for Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360) for R699 and the Rock Band Song Pack 2 (Xbox 360) for R409.

You can easily order for Guitar Hero World Tour Standalone (Xbox 360) for R596 or the Guitar Hero World Tour Super Bundle Pack (Xbox 360) including wireless drums, a wired microphone and a wireless guitar for R2869.

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