Microsoft SA says no increase for Xbox 360 game prices

4 thoughts on “Microsoft SA says no increase for Xbox 360 game prices”

  1. That’s great news!

    There are so many games that I wanted to buy in 2008, but financially it just wasn’t viable.

    Now I need to play catch-up.

    GTA IV
    GoW 2
    Fable 2
    Fallout 3

    That’s a lot of money!

    Anyone feeling like donating?

  2. Explain then please how some titles ( the revenant ) is selling for R 829 and street fighter 4 ( which is not a collectors edition ) is selling for R 799. I am from port elizabeth and various stores are selling games for these prices. Where do they get these prices from and when can we expect to see some sort of conformaty from all stores.

  3. iam from india,mumbai… i got to say the price for 360 game have increased way too high .. lots guys have decided to switch to ps as the rates are still the same for ps3 games,the price for a new 360 game used to be around 2150 to 2510 rupees , but now its increased to 3499 rupees for thats way too high
    i dunno what mi(milestone interactive) is doing ,and whats up with microsoft..2009 two new game hit india re5 and street fighter 4 both are very costly and infact gotta tel ya noby is buying those title at all ,ig this continues its for sure india will be taken over ps for sure,can sumone tell me why priced increased why why

  4. Can u please tell me if Sims3 on Xbox 360 will be available in South Africa.If yes, where will i be able to purchase it, i know it is due for release in June or July 09.
    Is there perhaps by chance a way for me to order the game, and from who and where ?
    Thanks a lot, appreciate your feedback

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