The Mac adventure begins

5 thoughts on “The Mac adventure begins”

  1. So did you?!? Which Mac you buy? The power book? I am strongly considering getting one myself, but cant decide if i should get the 13″, or the 15.4″ or even the 17″.

  2. Lost to the dark side… 🙂

    (Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the Intel boards – I like Gigabyte. I’ve had some bad experiences with some other dubious brands though, like ASRock).

  3. @Ryan: I’ll be following up with some posts on exactly what I bought. 🙂

    @Claymore: Intel for me is generally rock solid and well tested. Gigabyte would be my next bet but I tend to stay away from things that have too many disparate chipsets in the mix.

  4. @Claymore and Craig: Asus would be my first choice when it comes to motherboards, for so many years with each new model it has provided high performance with almost no headaches, which is something I can’t say even for more established and proven brands like Intel and Gigabyte, although I still think that both Intel and Gigabyte are pretty good boards with Gigabyte giving a bit sluggish performance compared to the rest.

    @Craig: I always thought that Mac notebooks are overpriced rubbish which apparently many claim was pretty much true with pre-OS/X versions, however it looks like things have changed, I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see what your impressions are on this journey.

    I can’t trust Mac lovers to give me an honest opinion as usually they don’t know any better.

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