Battlefield: Bad Company – great game, lousy support

2 thoughts on “Battlefield: Bad Company – great game, lousy support”

  1. it seems like everyone is having this problem. The weird thing is that while everyone is trying to get veteran gun, when I signed in to the, it gave my battlefield bad company account on xbox 360 the free veteran gun.

  2. Biggest complaint is lag, I’ve had multiple daily episodes of getting killed by squad members who said I wasn’t even there. Once I was standing right in front of one and he ran up and knifed the fence to open it…killing me. He said he never saw me there.
    I’ve shot about 300 people…at least…point blank w/ a spas 12 or unloaded a whole clip from an M16 into a guys face..then I get stabbed and he’s not even injured. I played w/ a friend last week, and I came up a ladder, took 1 step and shot him in the face. Then I died. He said I wasn’t even up the ladder when he killed me!!
    I don’t know where the lag is or whether it’s Ea servers or my 3 MPS dsl, which SHOULD be fine. But its very aggravating. And unfortunately as with everything EA ( like the NASCAR series, which is so buggy its unplayable every year, and there’s never a response from support, not even acknowledgment of major issues..) there’s lots of release glitz then nothing. Their support is the worst I’ve ever seen from a major company and they just don’t care.

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