My thoughts on Xbox LIVE Arcade titles being delisted

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Xbox LIVE Arcade titles being delisted”

  1. Hmm well that really sucks..

    I couldn’t agree more there aren’t THAT many Xbox Live Arcade gmes that they should be removing any (and I don’t think there ever will be).

    I was going through the games yesterday and it was almost impossible to find anything… even when I found something I liked, the descriptions were very vague. So you end up wasting time and effort downloading the demo if the graphic and short description really grab you… and if they don’t well you might lose out on a game you would have really enjoyed….

  2. I think it’s sad. The point of DDL’s is that the obscure titles can stay “on the shelf”. It’s seldom that a game is completely uninteresting it’s more a case of ‘not worth $5’. They should rather open up a “bargain bin” section and dump them in there for 100-200 points. I’d rather spend my leftover points on that then some stupid gamerpics.

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