27 Dinner by candlelight

27 dinner powered by StormhoekTonight’s 27 Dinner, 27-15 Jozi, was by no means the usual affair. A bumper crowd was expected but unfortunately our lovely power utility company Eskom decided that its the night to start doing some more load shedding. So sometime after 7pm when the event was just getting underway, the power went out in Melrose Arch. It took a little under two hours until the power was finally restored but it seems that hunger and possibly fear of the dark got the better of most of the people as only about thirty people remained.

Nevertheless it was a wonderful evening with David Theron sharing his new J2ME based mobile phone product called iMob. Justin Hartman revealed the new beta version of Afrigator which aims to categorise and aggregate more social media content like news, podcasts, videos and images over and above blogs. You should be able to try the new beta out over here.

As per usual Stormhoek supplied an ample supply of their awesome wines to get the dinner going. I really enjoyed the bottle of Stormhoek Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2003 which complimented my lamb shank to perfection.

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