BizTalk Server User Group Launch

BizTalk Server User Group LaunchRecently a couple of BizTalk developers got together on the SA Developer .NET forums and put together the idea of forming a BizTalk user group and it seems to be happening. I got word from Ryan CrawCour that Microsoft is getting involved and together they are launching the new user group starting off with the first event on the 5th of December.

Calling all BizTalkers!

Discover and share with fellow colleagues how BizTalk Server allows diverse systems inside and outside your business to talk to each other without complex and costly integration – enabling you to achieve a true Service Oriented Architecture, and achieve pervasive business process automation.

Connect with other BizTalkers and share best practices and methodologies around BizTalk Server design and implementations.

Microsoft South Africa will be launching the first BizTalk Server User Group on 5 December 2007 at Microsoft’s Campus in Bryanston. To register please click here.

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