What’s up my China?

So what’s up with the search engines today? The local site MyBroadband has an article up about Yahoo! redirecting to the Chinese search engine Baidu and suggested that Yahoo has been hacked. I don’t normally use Yahoo! so I checked it out and after typing in a search term I ended up on Baidu as well. How odd!

TechCrunch put up a post earlier about it and followed up with more detail in a later post. It seems that some of the western search engines namely Google Blogsearch, Live.com and Yahoo! are being redirected for Chinese surfers.

So what is going on? If it is a China only problem, why are South African users being affected? Are South African ADSL users running through SAIX getting access through China?

I’d like to hear from my readers if the problem is affecting you as well. Just leave a comment with the name of your ISP and whether you can search using the sites above. At the time of writing I only get to Baidu when I search using Yahoo!.


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