Jaiku Mobile is hungry

Jaiku logoFor those not in the know, Jaiku was recently acquired by Google and suddenly gained popularity. One of the reasons why I believe Jaiku is better than other similar services such as Twitter is because they have a decent mobile phone client.

The current build of Jaiku Mobile, 0.80 beta, is limited to the Nokia S60 3rd Edition platform and has one very annoying feature. When it installs it seems to install the Jaiku Mobile client as well as some hidden application that runs continuously. I assume this based on the extra icon that appears in the status area at the top of the screen even when Jaiku Mobile isn’t running.

Testing it on my Nokia N95 I noticed that I started getting more and more application hang-ups where the keyboard would stop responding in a newly launched application. I used the wonderful NSysInfo utility to diagnose that after a clean reboot my mobile phone had 4MB less RAM when Jaiku Mobile was installed and not running. So I’ve now promptly uninstalled it as I don’t believe in sacrificing 4MB of RAM for a stupid Jaiku status icon to be displayed.

Unfortunately I can’t find a means to report the issue directly to the Jaiku Mobile team so I’ll just have to blog about it and wait for a new build to come out sometime.

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