Dinner with Angie

CubañaLast night a bunch of the Gauteng SA Developer .NET chapter members got together for a dinner meet and greet social with the visiting Western Cape chapter lead Angela Gerber.

We decided to try out Cubaña which is a Havana lounge and Latino caffe located in the recently opened Cedar Square mall behind Fourways Mall. The menu is rather limited for choice unless you feel like interesting cocktails like the chocolate chili martini that Andre was drinking. However the food is reasonably priced and I can recommend the baskets as they are great value for money. Overall the restaurant is popular and definitely has a great vibe.

Unfortunately the place got rather packed when the storm outside got a bit too much and the people outside all crammed inside. The only thing I don’t really like about Cubaña is their need to push the volume up as it gets later. Its almost impossible to hold a conversation and resulted in us leaving and heading off to Ciao Baby Cucina for a quiet coffee and some dessert.

I snapped a few pictures of the evening with my mobile phone, although they didn’t come out too well due to the poor lighting conditions. I’ve posted them up here.

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