So what is Halo 3 actually like?

Halo 3 bubble shield If I only had one word to describe my experience of the game so far, it would be awesome.

After spending 3 days playing the Halo 3 multi-player maps at rAge last weekend, Andre (aka Mailowl) invited me to join him and Leon (aka UltraVan) for some co-op campaign action over Xbox LIVE. So on Monday night we started the co-op campaign on normal difficulty and managed to complete 4 or 5 missions in about 3 hours. We decided that we had better make this a nightly effort until we finished and upgraded to heroic last night and tonight to complete the campaign. It was beyond amazing. I don’t want to spoil it for others but the last two missions had me lost most of the time.

I don’t often play first person shooter style games and I certainly don’t ever feel the urge to complete the campaign. However playing co-op just makes the game so much more enjoyable. I think its the social aspect that I like the most not to mention it helps to have others playing with you that can fill in for your lousy shooting/aiming skills.

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw as usual has a particularly interesting Zero Punctuation video review of the game over here, copied below for ease of reference. Thanks to Robert Scoble for the link.

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