Submit to Community Credit 1.0 plug-in released

Submit to Community Credit I happened to stumble upon the new Windows Live Writer SDK post and the example of announcing the post on Twitter and I realised I finally had a simple and effective way of publishing my blog posts to Community Credit.

I’d previously looked at the Community Server plug-in with the intention of rewriting it and integrating it into the SA Developer .NET community site but in the end I simply ran out of time and the effort required to go through the Community Server SDK documentation far exceeded the desire to get it integrated. However I stumbled upon Keyvan Neyyeri’s post about his Community Credit Service Library 1.0.

So after looking at the Twitter Notify sample from the Windows Live Writer SDK I quickly mashed together the Submit to Community Credit plug-in. The great thing about it is that it works with all blogging engines that Windows Live Writer supports. I’ve tested it with Community Server 2008 and WordPress 2.6 but it shouldn’t make any difference as it requires no server-side support.

You can download the binaries from here. I intend to build a simple installer and release the source code in the coming weeks. I look forward to user feedback and feature requests.