Awesome online shopping at NIVO

NIVO Interactive Shopping logoA few months ago I happened to be browsing a free copy of Unwired magazine that I was given at a 27 Dinner when I noticed a review of a new online shopping site in South Africa called The review was very complimentary about the site so I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised by the general site speed and powerful comparison features. Being a gadget freak and a hobbyist photographer I was most excited to see oodles of cameras and other gadgets featured prominently on the site.

The following day a colleague of mine was chatting to me about buying a new digital camera as he was trying to decide between two different models. I suggested he took a look at NIVO and he ended up finding the camera at a significantly cheaper price. He ordered online that same day and the following morning his shiny new digital camera was delivered by courier. He seemed really chuffed with the site and service.

Later I decided to order some blank 8cm DVD+RW media for my Sony Handycam (which was stolen from me this week). Due to some supplier issues I had to wait a little longer for my delivery but was highly impressed when the owner herself, Antonia Ilieva, went out of her way to personally deliver my order. In chatting to her I found out that she had setup the business with her brother, the mastermind developer behind the site, and that they had great plans to grow the site from a small operation into a serious online shopping experience.

I highly recommend checking out NIVO Interactive Shopping as you won’t be disappointed by their efficient service and their excellent prices make it an even sweeter decision.

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Spring is here and its time for a new blog

For the last few years I’ve experimented with various blogging sites. I started off with my very first blog hosted by Blogger, but I wasn’t too impressed by it. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the local community site run by Armand du Plessis but I found my home there and have been there ever since. I’ve tried to keep my posts relating to .NET however there is more to life than software development and architecture.

Seeing as I’m such a gaming nut I decided to create an Xbox gaming blog on the community site run by Chris Lotter.

Last month I decided to get with the program and register yet another domain for a dedicated personal blog. And with that my CraigN.NET blog was born. A general blog with commentary about my life, my interests and everything that I find interesting. In terms of content I intend to blog at least once a week on various topics including .NET and Xbox 360 gaming. You can generally expect to read my opinions, and believe me I have enough of them, as well and the occasional bit of technology and product news.