Microsoft SA says no increase for Xbox 360 game prices

Late in 2008 the word on the street indicated that first and third party Xbox 360 game titles distributed by Microsoft locally would increase from the typical R699 recommended retail price to R899 and R999 per copy. Microsoft South Africa has issued the following press release regarding the Xbox 360 game prices that it distributes.

JOHANNESBURG – 23rd January 2009 – Microsoft today announced that there are no immediate plans to increase the prices of Xbox 360 games in South Africa.  Top of the range, new titles will remain fixed at R699.99 and Limited Collectors Editions at R799.99, despite speculation of game price increases in the volatile market. The pricing for Xbox 360 titles ranges from R 299 for classic games, to a maximum of R799.99 for first rate collectors titles, which means that there is always something affordable available for every gamer. This pricing is in line with the standard price of software in the gaming industry.

This is great news for gamers who were getting worried about the prices hitting about R999 per title.