Linux running under Virtual Server 2005

One thought on “Linux running under Virtual Server 2005”

  1. I too have been struggling with time issues for linux(a centos distro) under virtual server. The clock=pit option failed to solve my issue as well. I downloaded the linux extensions, and have walked thru the manual process (with the –force option) to install each of the RPM’s (and used YUM to reconcile the few dependencies that popped up)…but now I’m going to start the services per the MS doc:

    but /etc/init.d/vmadd start results in a: kernel module not found error.

    Any thoughts? I’m trying to get a prepackaged ‘CactiEZ’ install working on MSVS…and the time issue is killing me.
    Either way: thx for posting your experience! Cheers…

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