2 thoughts on “TWiT-or-tweet”

  1. Halloween is also the most sacred celebration of the Satanic calendar. Extremely cruel things happen on Halloween at these “celebrations”. Child sacrifice has been known to take place at the bigger gatherings. A lot ritual sacrifices take place.

    It is a sad evening and in MY opinion, no Christian should ever be celebrating Halloween. I don’t care how widely accepted it is. but that is my opinion.

  2. Steven, you can be a christian and still celebrate halloween. Im sorry but if you think of halloween as anything more than a time for children to dress as their favorite character and go to houses getting some free candy, than you just need to calm the hell down. Who are you to say what a christian should and shouldent do anyway. It’s okay to celebrate it as long as your not being satanic. God has nothing against it. If he does you show me the Bible verse.

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