Disturbia review

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  1. Thanks again, Craig, for dragging me along. I enjoyed the movie as well, surprisingly, as I’m not a big fan on thrillers or horrors.

    Interesting to see the product placements in movies these days as well. Look at the movie again and off the top of my head, I can spot at least 4…

    Xbox 360, Sony PSP and video cameras, Apple Macbook and iTunes and Red Bull. With minor mentions for Shia’s odd concoction of Herchey’s and Skippy, and the tower of Twinkies 😀

    Wonder how much the studios get paid for these placements, or if the actors are sponsored anything.

  2. Yeah I actually forgot to post about that, that’ll teach me not to post so late at night. I especially liked that he was playing GRAW on his Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE.

    If I recall the advertisers normally pay quite a handsome fee for product placements if the last few James Bond movies were anything to go by.

  3. Its easy, you become a Platinum/Platinum Plus MovieClub member.

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